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TrellaGro LST™ Brings Simplicity to Your Plant Training

The TrellaGro LST™ Model 4 is our more compact model, ideal for both home growers and industry pros looking to maximize limited indoor space.   Designed with the SCROG (screen of green) grower in mind, the Model 4 is suitable for any indoor environment.

Streamlined Training, Stellar Results

Master the art of a balanced and uniform canopy to unlock your garden's full potential. Ideal for optimizing every harvest, TrellaGro LST™ empowers you to achieve consistent, high-quality results with ease.

Choose between our manual or automated solutions to tailor your plant training experience.

It's not just about growing more; it's about growing smarter with TrellaGro LST™."

Master Your Grow & Clinch the Ultimate Prize

Save Time Training

Made for those on the move. Spend less time trimming, pruning, trellising & more time enjoying your harvest.

Get Consistent Results

Regardless of your skill level, Trella creates an even canopy each time. Don't stress your plants or yourself.

More Per Plant

Grow big plants in small spaces and make the most out of your plant count limits. Stack them to save space.

Elevate Your Harvest with TrellaGro LST™

Transform your indoor garden with TrellaGro LST™, a revolutionary horizontal plant-training system designed to maximize yields.

Ideal for both experienced growers and beginners, the Model 4E enables you to cultivate outdoor-sized plants indoors, achieving remarkable consistency.

Unleash the full potential of your limited plant count in compact spaces.

Experience the power of TrellaGro LST™ in optimizing your grow area, whether managing plant height or stacking plants efficiently.

Just do it by hand, right?

Sure, you can "SCROG" or "LST" your plant by hand. But to get consistent results you need time, skills, experience and patience. Using clips or a SCROG net won’t help if your life gets too busy and you can't be with your grow.

Unlike the SCROG method, TrellaGro LST reduces the time required to train your plant by eliminating the task of trimming & pruning.

Our LST method keeps more branches in tact to naturally increase yield per plant.

How it Works


Place a seedling in our patented horizontal plant-trainer. TrellaGro LST gently guides the plant to grow horizontally during the "vegetation" phase.

It controls plant height! No excessive trimming or pruning required. Track growth rate and environmental conditions with the TrellaGro LST app (select models).

Reduce light power consumption by up to 61% during the vegetation stage with the AutoSync LED™ feature (select models).


Allow it to stretch towards overhead lights during the "flowering" phase by removing the top mesh panel. Defoliate as desired at this stage for optimum yield.

For plants with heavy flowers, use the "flower support" columns and attach the flower support grid, as needed.


Harvest time is easy. Simply remove the side mesh panel and cut the plant at the main stem to harvest whole or in pieces, as preferred.

Then repeat!

The TrellaGro LST™ Method

Horizontal growing combined with the low-stress training (LST) technique.

No excessive trimming or pruning those lower branches! Horizontal growth means you can keep all branches intact for more bud sites and maximum yield per plant!

TrellaGro LST Model 4E

Transform Your Grow: Unleash the Model 4E's Potential.


Question: What types of plants can be grown with TrellaGro LST™?
Answer: TrellaGro LST™ is designed for fruit or flower-bearing plants that grow taller than 3 ft.

Question: What types of grow media can I use?
Answer: TrellaGro LST™ works with all types of media, including soil, hydroponics, and aeroponics. The only requirement is that the growth medium container be no more than 20 inches wide and 15 inches in height.

Question: What types of lights can I use?
Answer: You can use any type of light with TrellaGro LST™, including LED, HPS, CMH, and fluorescent. We recommend dimmable LEDs to help reduce energy costs. Please note that lights must be purchased separately. For optimal results, ensure your lights provide even output for uniform coverage across the canopy area.

Question: How much space do I need in my grow room? Answer: The Model 4E is designed with efficiency in mind. It requires a 2 x 4 ft floor space and can create up to a 3 x 4 ft canopy. Therefore, you'll need a minimum floor area of 2 x 4 ft to comfortably accommodate the unit.

Question: How many plants can you fit into one TrellaGro LST™ unit?
Answer: Our units are designed to make the most of one plant, especially bushy plants. However, if you wish to experiment with plants that have less foliage or density, we would love to hear about your results. This information helps us evolve our product and outlook.

Question: Do you offer product support and training?
Answer: Absolutely, we take product support and training very seriously, and it's a core element of the experience with TrellaGro LST. You'll have access to a wealth of resources and self-paced guidance. But that's not all.

You'll gain exclusive access to an additional layer of support and guidance. This includes milestone check-in calls with our CEO, Aja. These check-ins are not just about troubleshooting; they're opportunities to share experiences, ask questions, and discuss your grow journey. You're joining a community that is invested in your success.

Together, we'll navigate the grow journey, celebrating wins, learning from challenges, and continuously evolving to get better at what we love doing – growing more with less.

Question: How difficult is the assembly of Model 4E? Is it really like assembling IKEA furniture?
Answer: We've designed the Model 4E with simplicity in mind. While some assembly is required, we aim to make it as straightforward as possible, comparable to putting together IKEA furniture. Plus, you'll have access to detailed instructions and support resources to guide you through the process.

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The TrellaGro LST Model 4E is your gateway to mastering low stress training, controlling plant height, and maximizing per plant yield.

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