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TrellaGro LST the automated horizontal indoor plant-training solution.

TrellaGro LST™

The automated horizontal indoor plant-training system

Grow what you want, where you want.



Our patented technology uses automated low-stress training to imitate the natural growth patterns of your plants and promotes branching, eliminating hours of tying, pruning, and monitoring.


Track canopy growth rate vs. the environment. Each model comes equipped with temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors for connection with the TrellaGro LST™ app.


Increased canopy and shorter vegetation time means larger and more frequent harvests.  Stack the units on shelves and make the most of tight, indoor spaces. 


Built-to-order and made from recyclable materials. Power consumption is less than a light bulb, and suited for back-up or solar power supply.

How it Works


Place a seedling in Trella's patented horizontal plant-trainer. Watch as it gently guides the plant to grow horizontally during the "vegetation" phase.

It's completely automated, no tying or training required! Track growth rate and environmental conditions with the TrellaGro LST app.


Allow it to stretch towards overhead lights during the "flowering" phase by removing the top mesh panel. Defoliate as desired at this stage for optimum yield.

For plants with heavy flowers, use the "flower support" columns and attach the flower support grid, as needed.


Harvest time is easy. Simply remove the side mesh panel and cut the plant at the main stem to harvest whole or in pieces, as preferred.

Then repeat!

What people are saying

TrellaGro LST...trains plants to grow horizontally. Each unit is vertically stackable...allowing for taller strains and less energy use.


The Trella system has taken what we are doing in our back rooms and provided the technology to take it up several levels, increasing yield and decreasing manpower.

– Market Survey Participant

Perfect for Mother Plants!

– Linda Noel of Terrapin Farm

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Grow what you want, where you want with TrellaGro LST - the patented automated horizontal indoor plant training solution.