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The TrellaGro LST™ Model 4E is our newest model perfect for residential or commercial use. The Model 4E simplifies the low-stress training process, controls plant height, and creates a uniform canopy with the simple turn of a wheel! 

Designed with the SCROG (screen of green) method in mind, the Model 4E is suitable for any controlled indoor environment including grow tents, greenhouses, container farms, or warehouses.  Units can be stacked on shelves (sold separately). One Model 4E unit supports a single plant and produces a canopy area up to 12 sq.ft. (1.11 sq.m.) using just 8 sq.ft. (0.743 sq.m.) of floor/shelf space. 

Make the most out of your plant count limits and stay legit!

Use with any grow media (shown with grow cubes on hydroponic trays).


The TrellaGro LST Model 4E also comes equipped with:

Extra-wide foot supports for stable placement on open-grid shelving or within hydroponic trays.

Flower Support Columns to attach up to two sets of trellis netting (included) and height-adjustable legs so you can use your favorite grow media container.

Low stress & easy maintenance! Simply wash down your TrellaGro LST unit with a hose, let it dry to start your next grow.

Designed with the Earth in mind.

We build each TrellaGro LST™ model using the “build-to-order” method to reduce waste for lean and efficient design & manufacturing. We also use recyclable materials, so you can feel good about your grow.

Shelving, grow media and lighting sold separately.

Technical Specifications:


A - 39.7 in (1008 mm)

B - 23.25 in (591 mm)

C - 29.5 in to 34.5 in (749 mm to 876 mm)

D - 45.25 in (1149 mm)

Weight: 49.8 lbs

Power Consumption: Not applicable, no power required.

Max Power: Not applicable, no power required

Max Size of Grow Media Container: 20 in x 15 in (L or W)

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