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TrellaGro LST™ Model 6

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The TrellaGro LST™ Model 6 is our larger unit, producing a canopy area of 18 sq.ft. using just 12 sq.ft. of floor/shelf space with just one plant. 

Designed primarily for the cultivation of “Mother” plants, it is best suited for larger grow rooms or stacked arrangements. Like the Model 4, it is suitable for any controlled indoor environment including grow tents, basements, container farms, or warehouses.

Use with any grow media (shown with an EarthBox soil container).


We’ve got you covered with delivery and assembly. Each TrellaGro LST™ model is built-to-order and delivered to your door by Trella team members. We’ll arrive with your unit fully assembled and ready to set you up for your first grow, if desired (and pending COVID-19) or we can leave it at an entrance. Please note TrellaGro LST is available in the Continental US only with free complimentary delivery for a limited time! Shipping and delivery fees apply for Non-Continental US locations (limit two per customer).

Because we build each unit to order, our current delivery time is 8 - 10 weeks from the date of purchase. If selecting the pay-over-time option, your delivery will occur after final and full payment.

The TrellaGro LST Model 6 also comes equipped with:

Temperature, Humidity, CO2 and growth rate sensors for remote monitoring using the TrellaGro LST™ app.

Extra-wide foot supports for stable placement on open-grid shelving or within hydroponic trays.

Flower Support Columns to attach up to two sets of trellis netting (included) and height-adjustable legs so you can use your favorite grow media container.

Low stress & easy maintenance! All sensors and electronics are dust-tight and protected against low-pressure water projected from a nozzle. Simply wash down your TrellaGro LST unit with a hose, let it dry to start your next grow.

Designed with the Earth in mind.

We build each TrellaGro LST™ model using the “build-to-order” method to reduce waste for lean and efficient design & manufacturing. We also use recyclable materials, so you can feel good about your grow.

Shelving, grow media and lighting sold separately.

Technical Specifications:

For more information, see our Product Brochure.


Limited Lifetime Warranty. See our Warranty page for more information.

Returns & Refunds

You can cancel a pre-order for a full refund of your deposit up to 45 days from your original purchase and first payment date. After 90 days from delivery, if you are not 100% satisfied you can return your TrellaGro LST unit for a refund. Terms & Conditions apply.